Media Writing


From published articles to video scripts, press releases to blog posts, writing is becoming a vital and crucial component of the marketing strategy of any business or organization.

With an extensive background in journalism and reporting, East South founder Carla Swank Fox is not only capable of finding your story, but will tell it in a captivating way that will engage your audience. She is a skilled interviewer who enjoys taking the time to get the story first-hand (and in-person, if possible!).

Services include:

  • Researched articles
  • Blog posts
  • Promotional video scripts
  • Press releases


Published Articles

Saving Lives: Preventing Sudden Cardiac Death in Young Athletes

postgame300The PostGame (March 22, 2011)

Written in the aftermath of the death of Michigan high school basketball player Wes Leonard, this magazine-length article was featured on the home page of Yahoo! and received national attention.

Player Profile: Streamweaver’s Jamin Guy

SouthernAlpha (October 5, 2012)

A story for a local Nashville web publication, this interview was conducted in-person on the day after the launch of a new video app.

Former RMU coach Schmidt finally in NCAA tourney (March 15, 2012)

Reporting live from the first round of the NCAA Tournament at Bridgestone Arena, this article highlighted a bit of personal experience with a basketball coach who had made it to the tournament for the first time.

Jessica Long: The Long way to success (September 17, 2008)

Written as part of a series featuring high school Olympic athletes, Jessica Long (who is still an active competitor eight years later) shared a bit of her life as a teenage Paralympic swimmer via a phone interview, resulting in an intimate article that resonated with readers.

Video Scripts

eRounds Introductory Video

eRounds (Fall 2014)

Featured on the home page of the eRounds website, this video has been used to introduce the medical photo-sharing app to audiences online and at international conferences and events.

This video was produced by Matt Knutson Productions.

Thorntons Careers

Thorntons (Spring 2014)

The centerpiece of the career section of the Thorntons website, this video was created out of a series of interviews. Several weeks before the actual video was shot on-location, a pre-interview (not recorded) was conducted with each of the Thorntons employees in their own stores in order to capture each of them in their natural working environments. Out of those interviews came the final questions used in the recording … as well as the written success stories that accompanied this video on the website.

This video was produced by Matt Knutson Productions.

AT&T TalkBack: National Championship Preview

Athlon Sports (January 2015)

Written in collaboration with a team from Athlon Sports, this video was used to promote a live, interactive Q&A event produced by AT&T and Athlon.

TalkBack Video