Web & Social Strategy


Take a deep breath. Social media doesn’t have to be stressful. And, for that matter, neither does your web content.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed, isn’t it? With the forced pressures of creating content for yet another new social media network and trying to convert printed sales collateral into something useful on your website, the process of planning and managing content can feel like a marathon.

East South does things differently.

We don’t believe you have to have a presence on every single social media platform. And that sales brochure might not make sense on your website at all.

Every project begins with an audit of your existing assets. From there, we’ll put together a strategic plan for you to effectively create and manage content across platforms, to save you time and ease your stress.

Services include:

  • Content strategy for website development
  • Social media strategy


Content Strategy

Farmington Mortgage (2013)

Farmington Mortgage

A bank that focuses primarily on home mortgages and refinancing, Farmington had so much content on its previous website, it was difficult for potential lenders to navigate. In a site redesign project completed in 2013 by Ten Fast Feet, Carla reduced the amount of content on the website by nearly 75 percent, making strategic decisions with the team at Farmington to help determine the most effective use of content.

Superior Orthotics & Prosthetics (2013)

Superior Orthotics & Prosthetics

Another project by Ten Fast Feet, Carla handled site mapping, content strategy and content development for Superior Orthotics & Prosthetics, an innovative Nashville-based company. A feature of this project was the development of five patient Success Stories, which were completed through several days of in-person interviews and custom photography, which helped bring a very personalized feel to the website.

First Baptist Nashville (2013)

First Baptist Nashville

One of the largest congregations in downtown Nashville, First Baptist Nashville had a content organization problem. Through a survey conducted with members of the congregation and interviews with the pastoral staff, Carla helped determine what the most vital pieces of information were and devised an organization system to help the church’s communication staff easily make updates daily. The website redesign was done by Nerdette Designs, through Ten Fast Feet.

Thorntons (2014)


This regional chain of gas and convenience stores was in need of a website with a fresh focus on consumers. Through an extensive process with the corporate team, the Thorntons site was reframed for the customer on the go, with menu and beverage information as well as a location finder. This project also included an extensive overhaul on the careers section of the website, focusing on three employee success stories with in-person interviews, a written synopsis and featured video. The project was designed by Nerdette Designs, with development by Webstasy.