As an experienced collegiate instructor, East South founder Carla Swank Fox has received outstanding reviews for her presence and presentation style, keeping audiences engaged and interested in the topic at hand. She is frequently asked to guest lecture on social media and content strategy.


Rules (and Myths) of Engagement

Is there such a thing as posting too much on social media channels? Why isn’t my audience interacting with my posts? This presentation, focusing on social media and blogging, answers those questions and more. We look at posting strategies and offer tips and suggestions for increasing engagement with your audience.

Content: Where Do We Go From Here?

In just a short period of time, we’ve gone from basic web content to social content to responsive content. As the interactive world rapidly changes around us, what’s the next big thing in content? This presentation explores the idea of personalized experiences and how they can impact our content strategies as we move closer toward the Internet of Things.

Presentation Matters: Simple Tricks to Improve the Look of Your Posts

We know that we’re living in a visual world … but who has time to create all of those awesome graphics? And does anyone really care what my posts look like when they’re looking at them for 15 seconds (if we’re lucky!) on a phone? The answer is … yes. Presentation does matter. In this presentation, we explore some quick and easy tricks and tools to help even the most Photoshop-challenged among us make posts visually appealing.

Previous Engagements:

  • PodCamp Pittsburgh 2012: Rules (and Myths) of Engagement
  • PodCamp Nashville 2013: Rules (and Myths) of Engagement
  • Social Media Club MTSU 2014
  • Craft Content Nashville 2015: Presentation Matters
  • PodCamp Pittsburgh 2015: Content: Where Do We Go From Here? (Video below)
  • BarCamp Nashville 2015: Content and RFID: Creating Custom Experiences
  • Craft Content Nashville 2016: The Struggle is Real: Getting Your Story Right